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Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:New York, United States of America
Free-spirited to say the very least, Ishtar--or Trisha, as she goes by from time to time--is quite old. Her infamy as the wicked lust goddess is, in her mind, an example of humanity's ability to to confuse and exaggerate facts; not a goddess as she is alleged to be, but rather a succubus, she nonetheless allows people to say and think what they want. After all, if people are going to worship her, who is she to correct them?

Ishtar is ancient enough that she barely needs to feed, and prefers having a good time going for the route of good old-fashioned, agonizingly slow seduction, rather than indulging in an endless string of one-night stands as is often preferred by the younger members of her species. Technically, she can live off of any pleasure, but the best kind for her is sexual pleasure she's incurred personally. Her visits can be draining for the victims, particularly if she comes repeatedly or without their knowledge.

Generally, Ishtar is a content succubus, though the flames of her temper know no bounds. She appears as a perfectly normal, beautiful human woman, and welcomes people of all genders and orientations into her bedroom and life. Though she's held a large variety of careers, her favorite will always be dancing; particularly, belly-dancing, though at the moment she's working part-time as a bartender. She's considering office work next.

Ishtar Onrefni and her family belong to me, and Isthar is played by Evan Rachel Wood, who does not. Both character and writer are over eighteen.
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